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About Stages of Life

Rick and KateStages of Life has been a non-profit organization since August 22nd, 2007. Our mission is to create original and personal musical productions - pertaining to different life stages - that will educate, entertain and inspire people in our community of all ages. Our objectives are to produce original musical theatre works featuring older (45+ years) actors and musicians, and to work with young songwriters and musicians (10-20 years) in schools and extra-curricular settings.

In September, 2008 we premiered our first original musical production, "Mama's Got a Brand New Bag" by Kate Finn and Rick Weiss. We produced two additional runs of this show in the winter and fall of 2009, and toured the production in Salem, Newport, Vancouver, WA and Redding CA.

At these shows we collected over 2,500 pounds of donated canned food, which was distributed by NW Portland Ministries and St. Vincent de Paul.

We also produced a CD of original songs written, performed and recorded at Sunnyside Environmental School by 5th - 8th graders in SE Portland from Sept. '09 - May '10 ("Writing a Song"). The school will sell the CD's to raise money for its music programs. Juan Young Trust, Templeton Foundation and Comcast funded this program.

In November-December 2010 we produced our second original musical, "Charles Brown's Mid-Life Christmas", which was nominated for 3 PAMTA awards, including best orginal musical. This show was funded in part by RACC, the Kinsman Foundation, and various corporate donors, and returned for a second successful run in Nov-Dec 2011.

We conducted week-long songwriting/CD production workshops at Lewis School from Oct. 2011 - April 2012, and released a CD of original songs by Lewis students - "Art That Comes Alive" in May 2012.

In September 2012 we premiered our third original musical, "The Burning Sensations", at Portland Metro Arts.

Throughout this year, we will be conducting songwriting/CD production workshops at Grout Elementary School in SE Portland, and we will present the return of "Hot Flashes" in Newport, OR on July 6th, Salem, OR on Oct. 6th, and at Portland Metro Arts October 12-27.

Our primary staff includes Rick Weiss (Executive Director), and Kate Finn (Artistic Director), who have produced over 30 successful runs of musical theatre in Portland in the last 20 years, including The Fallen Angel Choir, Summer Angels, Some Are Not, and, more recently, the hit musicals Hot Flashes and Flashbacks. Stages of Life was founded so that we can make more original musical theatre programs related to aging available for our community, and to help sustain these programs for many years.

Rick and Kate also conduct songwriting/CD production workshops in Portland public schools.


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