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About Stages of Life

Rick and KateStages of Life has been a non-profit organization since August 22nd, 2007. Our mission is to create original and personal musical productions - pertaining to different life stages - that will educate, entertain and inspire people in our community of all ages. Our objectives are to produce original musical theatre works featuring older (45+ years) actors and musicians, and to work with young songwriters and musicians (10-20 years) in schools and extra-curricular settings.

Rick Weiss and Kate Finn premiered the first ever run of Hot Flashes in October, 2003. Hot Flashes continued for a solid five year run, and has since been produced by other theatre companies in 15 states. Since 2008, Stages of Life has produced several original musicals, including Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag, Flashbacks, Charles Brown’s Mid-life Christmas, (which was nominated for Best Northwest original musical), The Burning Sensations, Still Crazy After All these Years, Geezerpalooza, and Geezerpalooza II: Geezers Gone Wild!.

Weiss and Finn have also conducted songwriting/CD production workshops in over 80 local schools. From these collaborations, we have produced several all ages musicals, including No If’s Ands or Butts, Rise of the Evil Hamsters and Other Stories, and Science Rocks!. 

Besides teaching private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, drums and flute for over 30 years, Weiss and Finn have also run summer jazz and rock camps since 1996, and taught vocal and rock band music at Holy Family School from 2013-2020.

Currently, Stages of Life is striving to broaden our local audience, and expand our reach nationally, by presenting music and imagery in a digital format. Our goal is to continue to produce entertaining, educational and inspiring musical projects for years to come. Go to our Home page to view a list of our latest entertaining educational music videos!

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