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Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. As a non-profit organization, it is the help of community members that keeps us able to produce more shows. In the box below please type the desired amount of tax-deductible contribution you would like to make, then click on the Donate button. You will then be re-directed to paypal where you can continue the transaction.

If you DON'T have a paypal account we are still very grateful for donations sent by mail. Please mail any donations to:

Stages of Life
P.O. Box 86929
Portland, OR 97286

If you want more information on what your donations go toward, or if you would like to help in another way, please call:


Benefits of Donation

All donations to Stages of Life are tax-deductible as we are a non-profit organization. For larger donations we also have a scale of benefits you would receive for donating.

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